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The main objective of harmonizing terrestrial magnetism is to eliminate energies that are not in accord with well-being and happiness.
Let me explain the nebulous concept of re-booting the energy field of a home by interacting with magnetic fields:

A home has an intensely strong energy field (generated by the emotions of the residents) that is embedded in terrestrial magnetism.
It’s not that different from a magnetic domain that stores information on a CD, computer, or other recording device.
If the energy in the land beneath a home is harmonized, Feng Shui corrections will be more effective, and the home will be a safer, happier place to live.

There is a strong correlation between ‘uninvited guests’ and magnetic hot-spots.
After several years of Geopathic clearings, I realized through client feed-back that ‘ghosts’ and other unwanted energies were eliminated after bringing a home into harmonic resonance with the magnetic field of the surroundings in the immediate area.

I understand why clients are reluctant to discuss the highly subjective feelings associated with something unexplainable that just does not feel right.
Discussion of ghosts and magnetic fields usually causes clients to question the idea of things unseen affecting them.
I accept the public’s resistance to this because it’s a widely held belief that what’s invisible isn’t a concern.
Spooks and EMF pollution don’t fit well with the mainstream of scientific orthodoxy.

I’ve had many jobs where people were skeptical— but then, after completion of the clearing & sage they will relate their surprise at how much better things feel.
For stigmatized homes, it can remove a strange cloud over a dwelling, and turn it into a happy & squeaky clean home.


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